Water magnet to avoid salt overlay Megamax 3/4


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Water magnet to prevent salt deposits Clima Control Megamax 3/4


  • Type:central supply
  • Sockets: 3/4 "TH-3/4 "TH
  • Max pressure: 8 bar
  • Temperature: 0ºC-45ºC
  • Max flow: 1200-2500 l/h
  • Dimensions: 10×4,5×3,2 cm
  • Country of manufacture : Italy


Magnetic anti-salt filter (softener) XCAL Megamax

XCAL Megamax magnetic filters contain a strong permanent magnet to prevent salt deposits.
It is the best solution for the prevention of the formation of salts in appliances such as: boilers, water heaters, hot water tanks for heating or use, washing machines, heat exchangers, etc.Ideal for the protection of all appliances that heat water of any quality.
Reduces the possibility of salt formation and increased resistance in the pipes due to calcareous deposits.
Can also be connected to a drinking water line.


The puri that appears inside the pipes depends on the hardness of the water (calcium content and magnesium salts) and the thermal load of the hot water circulating in the circuit.
The increase in water temperature favours the formation of calcium carbonate (limestone).



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