Biomass boiler - Woodchips PelleTech Aero 200

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Biomass boiler - Woodchips PelleTech Aero 200


  • Biomass boiler - Woodchips PelleTech Aero 200 offers a complete Hot Air Production System, suitable for any type of Professional & Industrial Application .

  • Combustibility : Olive kernel , Pellet , Pellet , Crushed olive branches in the form of woodchips and any form of crushed fuel . Maximum moisture content of Biomass Fuel up to 30% .

  • Biomass boiler - Woodchips PelleTech Aero 200 of Greek manufacture , produced in accordance with the Machinery Directive and has CE marking


Advantages :

  • Innovative 7-stage reciprocating grate burner system that allows the combustion of biomass even with increased humidity up to 30% .
  • Very high efficiency and maximum economy thanks to controlled combustion conditions and minimal losses.
  • Full combustion control thanks to the selection of the appropriate parameters for each fuel type.
  • Independent dual air supply of primary & secondary combustion for excellent combustion and proper utilization of biomass fuel, without losses.
  • Combustion chamber made of stainless steel coated with cast iron , heavy duty for longer life.
  • Easy installation and cleaning with very low maintenance costs.
  • Stable operation and performance for smooth heating of the space.



1. Innovative multi-level reciprocating grate burner system that allows burning of biomass even at high humidity.

2. Dual primary and secondary combustion fans with independent control throughout the combustion by the controller depending on the conditions and fuel type.

3. Secondary combustion air supply ports that provide additional controlled air supply to the exhaust gases, enrichment and ignition for excellent combustion quality and high efficiency.

4. Reinforced fuel supply screw of large cross-section with the possibility of carrying even Wood Chips with even G50 type.

5. Cast-iron feed system with rotating combustion material supply chambers ensuring protection against fire return (buckburn protection).

6. New generation dual fuel engines with high efficiency and very low energy consumption that meet all new European directives.

7. System for automatic cleaning of ash from the combustion chamber with bolts and extraction into a container or a central residue collection system.

8. Bimetallic combustion chamber made of AISI 304 stainless steel lined with cast iron plates at the points of contact between the flame and the walls, which ensures very high resistance to the chemical processes and temperatures that develop in the combustion chamber.

9. Hot air exchanger with double-pass steel flutes and dense mesh for maximum heat-absorption.

10. Exchanger inspection door with the possibility of adding a pneumatic cleaning system (optional).

11. Electronically controlled traction and exhaust motor to the chimney.

12. Double centrifugal fans with an air flow of 20.000 m³/h with inverter (optional).

13. Hot air blower for rapid ignition of fuel 1660 W.

14. Electronic controller with Greek menu user-friendly for the control and programming of the boiler with remote interface via internet.

15. Hot air outlet orifices with selectable size and direction of air flow.


Equipment :


 1.Smart Software 


2.Protection from flame return


3.Shredding box


4.Drive control system



H CaminoDesing serves for 40 years the production of heating systems with respect for people and the environment. The PelletTech boilers have been built to serve the needs for industrial heating with quality performance and maximum operating economy.



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