Biomass boiler PelleTech Aero 60/110

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Biomass boiler PelleTech Aero 60/110


  • O Biomass boiler PelleTech Aero 60/110 offers 60 Kw & 110 Kw hot air generator system.

  • O Biomass boiler PelleTech Aero 60/110 provides large volume spaces of combination heating and hot air blower combination , suitable for small and large installations.

  • O Biomass boiler PelleTech Aero 60/110 benefits from low noise generation, low operating costs and the possibility of automatic multi-day scheduling.

  • Combustibility : Olive kernel , Pith , Wood pellets , Sunflower/artichoke pellets and any kind of agricultural residues.

    Maximum moisture content of Biomass Fuel up to 30% .

  • Biomass boiler PelleTech Aero of Greek manufacture , produced in accordance with the Machinery Directive and has CE marking.



1. Patented moving grate combustion system made of high quality cast iron (GG-20) and dissolving / stirring mechanism for complete combustion of the fuel and successful removal of ash residues

2. Bimetallic combustion chamber made of AISI 304 stainless steel coated with cast iron plates at the contact points of the flame with the walls, which ensures very high resistance to chemical processes and temperatures that develop in the combustion chamber.

3. An automated fuel supply system equipped with a safety device that guarantees a continuous seal between the fuel storage compartment and the fuel supply line and prevents the return of the flame to the fuel chamber

4. New fuel supply engine generators with high performance and very low energy consumption that comply with all European directives.

5. Large fuel tanks of 27 kg (primary at the top) and 203 kg (secondary, at the bottom), which ensure a huge fuel range.

6. Heat exchanger with double-path steel tubes for maximum heat absorption.

7. Quick access ports allow easy inspection of the combustion chamber, increasing the uptime and reliability of the unit. The combustion chamber as well as the heat exchanger can be easily opened for routine inspection and maintenance by simply opening the doors.

8. Electronically controlled exhaust fan with speed sensor (hall sensor) for the correct regulation of the combustion intensity and exhaust gases through the flue, preventing the accumulation of residues and unwanted blockage in the heat exchanger.

9. Double centrifugal fan air supply

10. Adjustable hot air outlet grilles with adjustable airflow size and direction

11. The boiler bearing system provides flexibility for the hot air generator to be installed in any location


Advantages :

  • Biomass fuels  produce heat with  lower costs in relation to fuels such as oil , LPG , electricity .
  • Microprocessor unit , which controls the boiler with an interface screen for easy setup and use.
  • Automatic ash cleaning system which removes the ash residues from the burner grate.
  • Automatic operation of the generator - setting by room thermostat allowing maximum economy in fuel consumption .
  • Automatic fuel supply system . With the possibility of daily fuel supply , with external transport feeder .
  • Ecological operation - emissions comply with the strictest European standards.
  • Automatic start .
  • System trolley system for easy movement.
  • Connectivity with smartfone for remote control . Optional .


 Automation and Control Panel 


Smoke collectors & access ports for easy control.


Exhaust & exhaust control.


Autonomy and fuel management .


Advanced Heat Exchanger Design .


 Advanced combustion system for minimal residues 



H CaminoDesing serves for 40 years the production of heating systems with respect for people and the environment. The PelletTech boilers have been built to serve the needs for industrial heating with quality performance and maximum operating economy.



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