Circulator Shimge APS 25/4/180


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Circulator Shimge Clima Control APS 25/4/180


The Shimge pump model Aps meets the highest standards in terms of performance, quality of materials, economy in consumption and easy adjustment according to the needs of the hydraulic installation.

It is designed for heating systems and hot water systems.


  • Maximum power: 25W
  • Measurements:
    -147 H
    -1 ½" / 2 "G
    -92 B
  • Weight:
    -2.8 N.W
    -3.4 G.W
  • Volume: 0,004m³



Compact design with the control knob integrated in the pump head.
Automatic adjustment control function as default setting , suitable for most applications
Integrated different pressure control (specific and continuous pressure control)
Display showing actual power consumption (P1) in Watt
Silent operation
Automatic night program function
Motor based on permanent magnet technology
Built-in frequency converter
Energy savings EEI < 0,23



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