Solar Water Heater Eco2 Selective 200Lit / 2.5m² Glass Dual Energy


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Solar Water Heater Eco2 Selective 200Lit / 2.5m² Glass Dual Energy

based on for flat terrace*




  • Suggested capacity: 5-6 persons
  • Tank Capacity: 202L
  • Collector surface: 2,5m²
  • Container Material: glass
  • Number of Collector: 1
  • Absorber: Selective aluminium absorber (High Selective)
  • Container insulation: High-density expanded polyurethane for maintaining hot water all night long
  • Transparent solution: High security jamming
  • Cylinder material: Steel
  • External Collector Housing: aluminium profile frame
  • Back collector insulation: Glass wool
  • Base Material: Aluminium
  • Dimensions (WxHxD) (mm): 1260x2004x2430
  • Weight: 148,0 Kg
  • Connection to boiler: NO
  • Guarantee: Five (5) Years for the Boiler and Eight (8) Years for the collector



   Technical Details:

  • Optional electric resistance 3,5kW
  • Volume of thermal fluid per absorber 1,5lt
  • Maximum operating pressure in the collector circuit 1.0MPa
  • Copper hydroskeleton with laser welding
  • Cathodic protection with magnesium anode according to DIN 4753/6


The price of solar is reported on the basis of flat terrace. If you want on a basis for tiled roof call us at 26210 96067 to find out the difference in price.



Solar Water Heater Eco2 Selective 200Lit / 2.5m² Glass Dual Energy



Our award-winning research and development department has worked tenaciously to introduce to the market a new solar water heater that will combine the high eco technology with the traditional requirement for robustness and durability. Eco2's factory invested in state-of-the-art production equipment to best support its quality production. The new Eco Solar is the result of this successful effort that takes the performance of a solar system to new levels.


High performance and durability with the guarantee of Eco2

The Solar Water Heater of the  Eco2 provides you with high performance and durability over time for real economy. Η Eco2 used for you cutting-edge technology, the best quality materials and innovative ideas such as the support system for easy installation, high aesthetics and unparalleled durability.


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