Ceiling Fan Coil Hidden Shinwoo SFC-30CM


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Ceiling Fan Coil Hidden Clima Control Shinwoo SFC-30CM


                      CATEGORY A B

  • Cooling capacity (kcal/h): 3500 2420
  • Heating capacity (kcal/h): 6790 4100
  • Air flow(m³/h): 8.5
  • Water flow intensity (lit/min): 12 8
  • Water pressure drop: 2.4 1.5
  • Power consumption: 50
  • Dimensions: 22/52/65
  • Weight: 17
  • Inlet-outlet pipe diameter: 3/4"


The low noise level, excellent design, easy installation and low energy consumption due to the BLDC fan technology make Shinwoo Fan Coil an excellent and economical choice for cooling and heating your home or business.


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