Selective Collector Calpak M4-300


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Selective Collector Calpak M4-300



Collector surface: 2,64 m²


   What are M4 collectors?

The Calpak M4 type collectors are flat collectors of vertical or horizontal arrangement, whose absorbers consist of aluminium sheets, on which are welded upright copper tubes which end at the top and bottom end in two horizontal collectors (headers).


   Why do we recommend them to you?

The thermal fluid circulates through the grid of vertical and horizontal pipes. The surface treatment of the aluminium foil is of selective quality (SELECTIVE) and is achieved by the ecological "Sputtering" method of TINOX. These surfaces have the great advantage that while when they absorb solar radiation they act as black bodies (high absorptivity), when they themselves radiate they act as mirrors (minimum radiation e≤3.5% ), thus achieving a serious reduction in the thermal losses of the collector. In this respect they are superior to simple collectors with black solar paint or with a lower quality selective treatment.


Selective Collector Calpak M4-300:


  • Absorber technology: 0,4 mm high-selective TINOX (e<3,5%), multi fin, ultrasonic welded, 11 copper tubes Φ8 and header Φ22 of HALCOR
  • Quality glassύ: high permeability (low-iron) prismatic solar tempered glass
  • Collector frameanodized double-walled aluminium (pressed) with rock wool insulation 40mm thick and 50kg/m3 density


These collectors due to the selective properties them and their reduced thermal losses that
are suitable for countries and regions with cold winters for the hot water production use and in any case form positive solution for central solar space heating systems, for large central systems (hotels, hospitals, etc.) and for industrial applications.


We trust the company Calpak, with which we have a long term cooperation and we recommend the M4 series collectors because of their high performance and reliability. Choose the one that meets your needs!


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