Energy Wood Fireplace Woodburning Gas Fireplace MILA 16KW Straight / 120-160m² Sliding Door - Acumotte Coating Kratki


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Energy Efficient Wood Fireplace Wood Gas Fireplace MILA 16KW / 120-160m² Sliding Door - Acumotte Coating Kratki


Technical characteristics:

  • Rated power: 16 kw
  • Exhaust diameter: Φ 200
  • CO-emission (in 13% O²) at %: 0.26%
  • Fuel: Wood (moisture content maximum 20%)
  • Construction material : 4mm special steel - Internal insert in combustion chamber
  • Thermal power range : 8 -22
  • Thermal performance: 71%
  • Exhaust gas temperature: 345.3°C
  • Weight : 181kg

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