Energy Wood Fireplace Cassette T-90 Crystal Misaolidis Foundries


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Energy Wood Fireplace Cassette T-90 Crystal Misaolidis Foundries 


Technical Characteristics:

  • External dimensions cm (height, width, depth) : 54 x 90 x 50
  • Internal dimensions cm (height, width, depth) : 32 x 74 x 37
  • Door dimensions (height×width) : 24 x 73
  • Weight of vermiculite / firebricks (kg): 137/146

  • Chimney diameter (mm): Φ 160
  • Number of hot air outlets Φ 125: 2
  • Cladding of combustion area: mandemi & vermiculite
  • Total thermal power (kw/h): 14,7
  • Efficiency (%): 76,7

  • Primary air: NAI
  • Secondary air: NAI
  • Third air: YES
  • Hourly consumption (kg/h): 4,02-4,04


  • Made of 4mm steel on the outside
  • Interior made of vermiculite or high-strength firebricks (on request).
  • Hearth base & part of the back made of cast iron.
  • With 2 built-in fully accessible 380m³ fans and an electronic adjustable dimmer for controlling the volume of the fans.
  • Ashtray.
  • Ceramic glass 4mm high resistance up to 750°C.
  • Selection of air direction forward or upward.
  • Door all with glass-black frame (crystal).
  • Optional air kit for extra fan.


The Foundries Misaelides  after 69 years of continuous operation and continuous development in the production of products such as energy fireplaces, energy cartridges, energy stoves, boilers made of excellent quality cast iron and steel have made us trust them.

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